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Amazing Sex Toys That Are Surprisingly Better Than Sex

Amazing Sex Toys That Are Surprisingly Better Than Sex

Amazing Sex Toys That Are Surprisingly Better Than Sex

If recent times have taught us anything, it is the importance of our relationships, whether with our family or with ourselves. Sex is an important part of relationships, and with partners working from home all over the world, now might be the time to try something a little new and different. If you are single, don't worry; with the wealth of exciting toys on the market, you won’t get bored.

Here’s our guide to amazing sex toys that are surprisingly better than sex!

For couples

For couples

Lockdown has been tough for all of us. No matter what situation we found ourselves in when the pandemic struck, people all over the world struggled with their changing circumstances. Even the strongest of couples were tested. Finding ourselves suddenly with our other halves 24/7 was a bit of a shock to the system. Once the novelty of being able to have sex during working hours wore off, things might have started to stagnate a bit. Thankfully, there are plenty of things we can all do to reignite passion in our relationships and try something new.

There is a wealth of books available to give us all ideas for new positions to try or foreplay techniques to work on. You can search for everything from the Kama Sutra to guides covering foreplay and how to get yourself (and your partner) in the mood. Why not check out the book available to see if anything inspires you?

If books aren’t your thing, you could look at the various toys that are on sale now. Cock rings are a great place to start if you have never used toys in your relationship before. A vibrating cock ring serves the dual purpose of making erections last longer while the vibrating aspect of the sex toy gives new sensations. Trying something like the Black Mystic Vibrating Cock Ring and Taint Stimulator for an affordable way to try something new in your relationship.

Black Mystic Vibrating Cock Ring and Taint Stimulator

Nowadays, missionary is old news. Apparatus such as sex swings can give sexual relationships a completely new look and take pleasure to new heights! On a more serious note, using things such as swings and slings can help those of us who aren’t as able-bodied as others to still enjoy a varied and passionate sex life.

For the Girls

Being a single woman does not have to be boring! Dildos now come in every shape and size imaginable. They can also be made from materials such as glass for completely new sensations. Vibrators can have many settings, and some come with arms for anal play.

Maybe you would like to recreate a fantasy by dressing up and living out different scenarios. Why not browse the wide array of outfits and costumes available and decide on something to make you feel sexy or excite your partner?

For those of us who are looking for something a little different, trying something like nipple clamps could take pleasure to another level. Affordable and widely available, there is no reason to not try something like this when you are looking to change things up a bit.

For the boys

There is so much more on the market now for men to try. Gone are the days when all a man had at his disposal were his hands. There is much more of a focus now on male pleasure and the different ways of stimulating certain areas. We’ve already covered vibrating cock rings and stimulating the perineum, so let’s delve a little deeper and talk about the prostate.

Prostate massagers are now widely available, so even the shyest novice can find something that will be suitable. For something more exciting, trying the Black Supercharged Vibrating Masturbation Kit could be just what you have been looking for. With different attachments to try, having a little "me time" never has to be boring again!

Black Supercharged Vibrating Masturbation Kit

Have fun and play safe!

Using toys on your partner could be just the thing you needed to spice up your sex life. Whatever you want to try, make sure both (or all!) parties are happy and comfortable. Whether you incorporate a butt plug to live out her double- penetration fantasy or you plug in the wand to stimulate his prostate during foreplay, there are a million different things you can try to spice up your sex life and reignite passion in your relationship.