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Best Sex Position for Wild, Orgasmic Sex

Best Sex Position for Wild, Orgasmic Sex

Best Sex Position for Wild, Orgasmic Sex

It is a fact that men are more likely to orgasm during sex than women, but there are positions that can narrow the orgasm gap and ensure that all parties enjoy the experience. Clitoral stimulation is generally the key to female orgasm and there are certain sexual positions that make this much more likely to happen, increasing the chance of a mind-blowing, earth-moving sexual encounter.

The CAT position

You may have heard of doggy style, but did you know that there is also a CAT position? If you didn’t, you might want to because it is said to be a tried-and-true way of boosting the chances of a female orgasm during penetrative sex.

CAT actually stands for coital adjusted technique, but don’t let that put you off. It can be a lot more fun than it sounds! It is basically a face-to-face position but has a few adjustments from the traditional missionary position to boost its orgasmic potential.

Black Stallion Strap On Harness Dildo

Whether you are having fun with a penis or a dildo such as the Black Stallion Strap On Harness Dildo, the "penis" party will need to have their head and shoulders around 6” higher up than normal. This means that the penis or strap-on won’t go completely into the vagina and instead the root or step will be pulled against the clitoris.

This can create lots of lovely friction, but there is a downside. In order for this to work best and really get that root pulled hard against the clit, the person on the top won’t support their weight on their elbows as they might do otherwise. Instead, they should let themselves rest against your chest. This might be an issue if they are heavy, but, as with all sexual positions, experimentation is helpful. You might even find that investing in a positioning pillow such as the Mount Me Inflatable Sex Position Pillow is worth its weight in gold for this - and lots of other orgasm-inducing activities as well.

Mount Me Inflatable Sex Position Pillow

You can try this position with the person on the top's legs outside or inside your own, and don’t worry that you can’t thrust too much. This is a more of a "rocking" kind of position.

Free as air

This one starts out like a reverse cowgirl with you lowering yourself onto the penis facing away from your partner’s head. Once their penis or the strap-on is inside you, lower yourself backwards until you are lying flat with your back against the front of your partner’s body.

This should make you feel weightless, which is where the position gets its name. This can feel great in its own right, but your partner can also reach around to stimulate your clitoris as you play.

The pinner

This one is like the reverse of the free as air position. You lie flat on your front, while your partner lies face down on top of your body and enters you from behind. They can reach around to stimulate your clitoris, or you can just reach down and do it yourself. Many women who say they have never climaxed during intercourse have achieved it during sex in this position.

The spoons

The spoons

Who doesn’t like a bit of spooning, especially when it can end in a great orgasm? If you’re not "in the know", this is where you’re on your side and your partner curls up behind you like two spoons sitting in the drawer. They can then enter you from behind, without either of you having to take the weight of the other. Some women can orgasm just from being in this position, while others like to have their clitoris rubbed at the same time.

Face Time

Great sex doesn’t have to include penetration, and one of the best positions for orgasm is the Face Time. All you have to do is straddle your partner’s head and allow their tongue to do the work. The powerful feeling of this can be a real turn-on, and if you pull their head forward as you sit, it makes it easy to position their tongue for maximum pleasure. You will also have plenty of freedom to move around so that they are really hitting the perfect spot for you.

Accessible doggy

Why should the CAT have all the cream when you can try out the accessible doggy? Simply get your partner to kneel down and then sit between their knees and slip their penis or strap-on inside. This also works for a rear entry and is a super-comfortable position for longer leg-shaking sessions.