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Check Out the Most Unusual Sex Toys

Check Out the Most Unusual Sex Toys

Check Out the Most Unusual Sex Toys

It should come as no surprise that we’re not easily shocked when it comes to sex toys, but it’s fair to say that searching the internet for unusual sex toys did throw up a few unusual hits. However, our search also uncovered some pretty interesting ideas that we might just be tempted to try. Take a look at some of our top picks and decide for yourself.

Inflatable lamb

We found more than one inflatable lamb for people who have an interest in some farmyard fun. We’re probably going to stick with the hugely desirable Flesh Pornstar Penny Fantasy Love Doll, but Larry the Lamb is out there if that is more to your taste or you just want an alternative to your Flesh Legs Spread Masturbator & Love Doll.

Flesh Pornstar Penny Fantasy Love Doll

Anal plug with tail

We uncovered lots of different versions of this, from fluffy racoon-type tails to those more befitting of a bit of puppy play. We even stock a Vibrating Puppy Plug to make sure you really feel like a "good boy" (or girl!) if you decide to play.

Vibrating Puppy Plug

If puppy play is not your thing, we also discovered plugs with ponytails in a range of different colors and styles. One of our favorites was a clear glass plug with a long pink and purple ponytail. This one would be perfect for the unicorn in your life.

Decorated dildos

There are some extravagantly decorated dildos out there for you to try, including those adorned with Swarovski crystals. We also found lots shaped to look like recognizable objects, from bananas and eggplants to the Eiffel Tower and other famous tourist attractions. Some of them made us wonder whether we wanted to play with them or just display them on our mantelpiece. Maybe we could do both and really get a good bang for our buck with our next sex toy purchase.

Precious metal masturbators

Along similar lines, we discovered a whole host of masturbators made from precious metals. One luxurious version is made with a ring covered in 24-karat gold. Thankfully, it also has stretchy padding made from a rubber gel. We can see how this might be a bit of a status symbol but personally, we don’t think you can beat the sensual softness of something like our Dakota Double Pleasure toy.

Cock soap

We all want to keep things fresh, and there are cock soaps out there to make the process of getting clean just as much fun as the action afterward - or before! Simply insert your best buddy into the ring-shaped soap and move it around as much as you like - just to give it a good wash, of course!

Fancy Kegel balls

Kegel balls are always fun, but there are some really fancy designs out there that might make you wonder if you couldn’t double up on their uses and display them on your Christmas tree as well. Some of our favorites included Ben Wa leopard print balls and those decorated with a rainbow of sparkling colors and a crystal-type effect.

Animal vibrators

Penis vibrators are always popular, but how would you feel inserting yours into the head of a little penguin, complete with small purple bowtie? Not for you? How about a zebra or a cock (the bird, that is)? In fairness, these feel like the kind of novelty gifts you might hand over on a stag night or birthday rather than a genuine substitute for a great Masturbation Wand Kit.

Sex machines

Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine With Universal Adapter

There are some amazing sex machines out there - and we’re not talking about your favorite porn star. Machines such as the Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine With Universal Adapter offer a huge array of different pleasure possibilities, and it even comes with surge protection and a travel adapter so you can take it with you wherever you happen to go!

Bathtime friends

We discovered a whole range of rubber ducks just made for bathtime fun. These included everything from pink personal massager ducks to ducks with dicks for some really intimate splash time enjoyment.

Clone A Willy

If your partner works away and you want a realistic substitute to keep things going, you need a penis casting kit. You can quite simply make your own dildo in the exact shape of your partner’s penis. There are even glow in the dark versions, although we hope that these don’t remind you too much of your partner’s privates!