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Check Out These Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

Check Out These Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

Check Out These Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

With the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise propelling BDSM into the mainstream media, increasing numbers of people are becoming interested in incorporating elements into their sexual play. If this sounds like you and you would like to experiment with a few different bondage-inspired sex toys that look like they could have come directly from Christian Grey himself, here are a few options to consider.

Impact Toys

From floggers to whips and paddles, impact toys can be incorporated into sensory play and allow partners to experiment with S&M. Adding a blindfold into the mix will heighten anticipation from the submissive partner and allow you to explore how sensory deprivation can further enhance play.

A Leash and Collar Set

Perfect for beginners looking to take their first steps into the world of dominance and submission, a leash and collar can be incorporated into a wide range of scenes to enhance pleasure. Most collars come with a D-ring attachment, allowing the dominant partner to lead their submissive around.

If you enjoy this type of play, you could choose to take things up a notch with a puppy play kit, including padded puppy mitts, a chew bone gag that will restrict speech, and a floppy tail butt plug, which will help the submissive partner convey their emotions. You could also incorporate a Puppy Shock Collar, which delivers vibration and electro stimulation to the wearer alongside visual and audio clues.

Cuffs and Clamps

Take your restraint play one step further with a set of cuffs that are attached to a pair of Clover Clamps that can be attached to super sensitive areas for enhanced sensation. Position the clamps on the testicles, labia or nipples and to see how strong your resolve really is. Remember, even the slightest movement will result in the clamps tugging on the skin, enhancing the pressure and heightening the sensation. Incorporate dom and sub play by forcing the sub to stay as still as possible or make them face the consequences of disobeying their dominant.

Leather Bondage

There are myriad ways to incorporate bondage into your play, including ankle and wrist cuffs, bed restraints, and lockable collars complete with d-ring attachments and hooks that are ideal for chains and ropes.

Spice up your play with a Leather Hog Tie to keep the submissive partner in precisely the right position to allow the dominant to tease, reward and punish as they wish.

Leather Hog Tie

Face coverings and full body harnesses can also be used within both S&M and D&S scenes, which will allow you to experiment with giving and receiving power. You could also choose to incorporate a forced posture harness or Nose Hook Collar to practice restraint and control, and introduce an element of humiliation into the mix. This type of play can be heightened with the use of restraints that submissive partners can wiggle free from, which will test their resolve and push their boundaries.

Suspension Toys

Suspension Bar and Cuffs

Suspension play can be exciting and thrilling, allowing the dominant partner to keep their submissive entirely at their mercy for as long as they want. A Suspension Bar and Cuffs is an ideal place to start experimenting with this facet of BDSM, which can be suspended from a supporting frame or ceiling.

If this form of play wins you over and you want to take things up a notch, a Full-Body Strap Cage made from sturdy leather and a solid platform base can be used to ensnare and enfold a submissive partner. Designed to act in a similar way to a Chinese finger trap, the ensnared partner simply won’t be able to escape; it’ll be up to the dominant partner to dictate how the scene will unfold.

Greygasms Erotic Bondage

Greygasms Erotic Bondage

Comprised of a padded blindfold, leather crop, limb ties and benwa balls, this complete bondage kit is primed to leave you breathless as the submissive partner is tied up in black satin and completely open to the wishes of their dominant. After restraining and preventing the submissive from seeing what is about to happen, the dominant can get to work with sensory play and use the benwa balls for additional penetrative stimulation.

Whether you’re new to the tantalizing and thrilling world of BDSM or you want to take your already-spicy bedroom play to the next level, there are a variety of toys that can help you to live out your wildest fantasies and deepest desires. Use alone or in combination to further your experimentation and unlock new layers of pleasure.