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Make Him Last Longer with These Sex Positions

Make Him Last Longer with These Sex Positions

Make Him Last Longer with These Sex Positions

We have all been guilty of getting a little carried away during sex sometimes, which means that our partner may be left unsatisfied. This has happened in many relationships and is an extremely common issue, but it is also very easy to remedy the problem. The easiest and most fun way to slow him down enough for you to get yours is to try different sexual positions and see which works for you. We have come up with a few ideas for you to try to make him last longer!

The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl

Any variation on this classic position will put you in control of the speed and depth of penetration. Start with him lying on his back and kneel over him with your knees on either side of his pelvis. Penetration can be as deep or shallow as you choose by positioning your pelvis. The straighter the angle, the deeper the penetration. You can make this one romantic by laying against his chest and kissing or a little raunchier by maintaining eye contact from above. From the kneeling position, you are in complete control and can slow him down immediately if he gets a little over-enthusiastic! Although it's very effective for slowing him down, this position can be a little too exposed for some of us; the next position is also very effective but much easier for those of us with confidence issues.


While you are building your confidence levels, try this position to keep him from finishing too quickly during sex. Lay on your side with your knees slightly bent, while your partner lays behind you and penetrates you like this. Spooning can feel incredibly romantic, with him kissing your neck and ears and you being able to hear how much he is enjoying himself. As his movement is a little restricted by lying on his side, he won’t be able to go to town as easily! You can enjoy the romance or think about doing little extra things to spice this one up; those of you who are into something along the lines of BDSM can hook an arm around your partner to add a darker touch. The only issue some women might have with this one is that because your legs are closed, there isn’t much you can do to gain access to your clitoris. The next position rectifies this issue beautifully.

The Cross

This position is easy to overlook, but it can be absolutely wonderful. He lays on his side and you lay on your back with your pelvis in line with his. Drape your legs over his hips and away you go! Just like the spooning position, the cross also limits his movement enough to stop him from getting carried away. As you are laying on your back, you have the ability to grind against him and access all the areas you need in order to get there, too!

Other Ways to Slow Him Down

If none of these positions work for you as a couple, there are other things you can try. If you usually begin sex with foreplay, why not think about easing up on his foreplay and increasing yours a little. This may help to get you both there at roughly the same time.

Another fantastic method is to use desensitizing lubes. These work by numbing the area a little and wear off pretty quickly. This might just be enough time for you to get closer to orgasm before he really gets going. Something like Clear Relax Desensitizing Lubricant could be an absolute lifesaver in your relationship!

Clear Relax Desensitizing Lubricant

If nothing is really working all that well, why not work on learning what gets you to orgasm and focus more on that? It is a very common issue that some women struggle to reach orgasm, whether he lasts minutes or hours! In the same way that some positions slow him down, some can speed her up! Reverse cowgirl can be an absolute winner for some women as there is more pressure against the front wall of the vagina where the G spot is located. Why not try this and see if it works?

Love Button

In addition to desensitizing sprays and lubes, there are also ones that can heighten sensitivity. Arousal Balms like Love Button work to increase sensitivity. Why not use one of them as part of foreplay before trying these positions and figure out what works best for you as a couple?