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Make Sex Even More Awesome with these Sex Toys

Make Sex Even More Awesome with these Sex Toys

Make Sex Even More Awesome with these Sex Toys

If you want to increase the heat in the bedroom, why not add one of these sex toys into the mix? There’s something for everyone here, so maximum pleasure is on the cards for all.

A Glass Dildo

The sleek, smooth surface of a glass dildo provides maximum pleasure with very little friction. For play that offers versatility, choose a glass dildo with a two-way shaft and contrasting tips for both p-spot and g-spot stimulation.

Weighted Nipple Clips

Ideal for submissive partners who want their dominant to decide whether they should experience some pleasurable light pressure or a more intense nipple pinch, weighted nipple clips can be incorporated into all styles of play for enhanced sensation and excitement.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Taking the sensation of standard nipple clamps up a notch, the added vibrations will intensify the pleasure and can be adjusted to achieve just the right amount of pressure. Proving that the best toys are super versatile, why not try experimenting by attaching the clamps to other sensitive parts of the body, such as the labia, penis, and scrotum?

Remote Controlled Vibrating Bullet

Despite being small in size, vibrating bullets can be mighty powerful and elevate play to unprecedented levels. With multiple intensity levels and a variety of different stimulating patterns, why not hand over the remote control to your partner, either in the bedroom or when you’re out and about? The element of surprise can be a major turn on, so this toy is likely to quickly become one of your new must-haves.

A Clit Stimulator

A double-ended clit and g-spot stimulator can take your orgasms to the next level, especially when there are multiple levels of intensity and patterns to experiment with. Its smooth shaft offers maximum vibration with minimal friction, and the suction power on the small end will tantalize your clitoris and nipples with ease. In addition to being excellent for solo play, clit stimulation toys can be an exciting introduction to the world of dominance and submission, allowing the dominant partner to control the length and intensity of their submissive’s orgasmic experience.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings

Flexible yet rigid, cock rings support longer-lasting and enhanced erections to prolong the pleasure for all involved. Opting for a set of cock rings means that you can experiment with different sizes, which can be worn alone or stacked in different combinations for customized pleasure.

An Inflatable Dildo

Tailor-made for everyone who has ever wondered if "too much dick" is a real thing that exists, inflatable dildos have an in-built pressure valve that maintains your preferred size for as long as you want. They also have a quick-release function, which means that when you’ve had enough, play can be stopped immediately. Its sturdy core and textured shaft remains hard throughout and always delivers maximum pleasure.

Remote-Controlled Anal Plug

With more intensity than a standard anal plug, a remote-controlled option that vibrates and thrusts is certain to deliver intense pleasure during both solo and partner play. The textured shaft and bulbous tip offer optimal stimulation, and with multiple patterns and speeds, the intensity can be customized to your preferences. If the world of dominance and submission appeals to you, why not hand the control over to your partner to introduce an element of power play into an already highly pleasurable experience?

An Anal Dildo

Take your anal play to the next level with a dildo that offers maximum maneuverability during both partner and solo play. The highly-textured shaft will offer a stimulating deep tissue massage, and its exaggerated length will allow you to push your pleasure limits to the max.

A Double-Decker Dildo

Ideal for exploring the sensation of double penetration, double dildos feature a duo of bulbous heads and two textured shafts for a pleasurable internal massage. Use alone for fun solo play or with a partner for an intense experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. Top tip: choose a vibrating model with multiple pulsation patterns if you want to see just how much you can really handle.

Magnetic Orbs

Magnetic Orbs

One for those who enjoy exploring an element of S&M in their bedroom play, magnetic orbs are renowned for delivering pleasure and pain with their powerful pinching capabilities. Use on the penis, nipples, labia, or anywhere you want to feel some intense pressure and see just how long you can stand the tantalizing yet tormenting sensation.

Whether you're experimenting for the first time or want to try something new, there's a toy for every need, want and desire.