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The Best Sex Toys That Men Love

The Best Sex Toys That Men Love

The Best Sex Toys That Men Love

Sex toys aren’t just for the ladies. There are many toys that men enjoy playing with, too, either as a solo pursuit or with a partner. Here is a selection of the best sex toys that men love.

Sex doll

For the man who is single but doesn’t want to play alone, a sex doll, such as this GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll can be the way to go. These are designed to be as lifelike as possible to reproduce the sensation of lovemaking. These are available as a full-body doll that usually contains three holes so you can choose your pleasure. A torso-only doll will only contain two holes but will still leave you with options, while a vagina-only doll may limit you but will still be a lot of fun to use and easier to store. Of course, the price can increase depending on how much material is used, so it is worth shopping around to see which one you like the look of the most before you make a purchase.

Cock Ring

Many men love cock rings. They make your penis look bigger, which may make you feel more confident with a new partner. They will also make you last longer as they restrict the blood flow to your vital area, and they make your orgasm more intense. These simple devices fit around the base of your penis and can sometimes be fitted over your testicles, too, depending on the style you buy. They will make your penis feel harder, which may be great news if you have a partner to play with.

Remote Control Wireless Cock Ring

The cock ring is a simple device on its own, but it is available with different options if you are looking for even more fun. A vibrating cock ring like this Remote Control Wireless Cock Ring will make you feel as if you are wearing a vibrator and will increase the stimulation and the pleasure for both you and your partner. They are also available with anal beads if you want to experience an extra thrill.

Anal Beads

This used to be the favored toy of gay men, but it has become more mainstream in recent years and nowadays both gay and straight men are enjoying the sensation that it provides. The male G-spot is located within the anus, so finding a toy that can reach this more difficult-to-locate region, such as these Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads, can give you a lot of fun and extra pleasure. They are not expensive to buy, and they are easy to store, which adds to their popularity.

Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

If you don’t like the sensation of beads, many men enjoy using bullet or anal vibrators instead. These are often smaller and thinner than regular-sized vibrators and are therefore easier to play with. These can be used whether you are on your own or with a partner. However, if you are sharing, you should remember to clean them before you swap for hygiene purposes.


This is another type of play that has hit the mainstream in recent years, and BDSM toys are very popular with guys regardless of whether they want to be submissive or dominant. There are a wide variety of toys that you can use to spice up your bedroom antics, but it is a lot more fun to play with them if you have a partner as you can both have a part to play. Try restraints if you want to experience that feeling of control - or losing control. These are available in many different shapes and sizes, from simple hand and ankle ties to the more intricate toy that takes some more practice to use.

Once you have been restrained or done the restraining, you can try out some punishment toys if you like. These are very popular with men these days, and anything from a light paddle to a cat-o-nine tail can be used depending on your personal taste and that of your partner.

Sex Swing

Sex Swing

If you want to try something completely different, how about joining the ever-growing popularity of the sex swing craze and seeing what all the fuss is about for yourself? You will need a partner and a bit of patience for this one, but it is certainly worth the effort.

These are some of the most popular sex toys that men love at the moment. Perhaps you should try some for yourself and spice up your sex life, whether you are flying solo or playing with a partner.