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Top Best Sex Toys

Top Best Sex Toys

Top Best Sex Toys

Shopping for sex toys is now more interesting and exciting than ever! With such a wide range of options available designed to suit all tastes, you may not know where to even begin in your search for something to spice up your sex life. Luckily for everyone, we have come up with a guide covering the very best sex toys you can find right now, in our opinion, which should give you plenty of food for thought.


Purple Three Piece Tri-Play Silicone Dildo Set

Kicking off our list is the classic dildo. Whether you are looking for something you can use to play with yourself or with your partner, the dildo comes in every size, shape and color imaginable. Some come with suction cups, some are designed to fit as a strap-on, and some come with remote controls and vibration settings. If you are new to sex toys and looking for something simple, you can’t go wrong with a set like the Purple Three Piece Tri-Play Silicone Dildo Set.


If you are after something that is just a little different from a dildo, you could look at options like the Flesh 9” Disco Dick Donnie Rotating Dildo. Vibrators also come in a wide variety, with everything from the tried-and-true rabbit style to those with attachments for anal play. Some types are specifically shaped to hit your G spot, while others are designed to massage the prostate.

Remote Controlled

Couples will love toys with remote controls. Giving your partner the power over the remote can be exciting and will really add another dimension to your foreplay. Love eggs are a popular choice for couples wishing to try something a little different. The Pink 3.4” Swirled Vibrating Remote Control Egg is a great example of a fun love egg to try.

Men will especially love trying out the Black Supercharged Vibrating Masturbation Kit, which comes with several different attachments to try out.


Crimson Tied Ultimate Bondage Kit

If you are looking to see whether bondage is the thing you have been missing from your sex life, investing in a complete kit is a great place to begin. The Crimson Tied Ultimate Bondage Kit has everything you could possibly need to try new sensations and experiences with your partner. Wearing a blindfold while your partner plays with different areas of your body can be utterly exhilarating!

Position Sling

We could not make a list of the top sex toys without mentioning position slings and sex aids. Position slings can do everything from holding your partner's legs open if you are after an aspect of vulnerability and control to helping you and your partner achieve certain sexual positions that you never thought were possible before! The Black Stand & Deliver Sex Position Body Sling is designed to help your partner wrap their legs around your waist. Sex aids can be anything like love seats suspended from the ceiling or specifically shaped aids which are designed to be laid on, helping you and your partner achieve a comfortable sex life.


If you are looking for toys that are more on the dark side and BDSM is your thing, did you know that you can buy apparatus that suspend your willing victim from the ceiling, or bars that can be fitted to cuff your sub? Something like the Black Heavy Duty Steel Bar Suspension Cuff Kit will make sure that your partner cannot get away and you can have your wicked, wicked way with them.


Flesh 55.5lbs Ultra Premium Next Generation Tiffany Love Doll

Sex Dolls have been around for a while, but these dolls are in a whole different league now. The Flesh 55.5lbs Ultra Premium Next Generation Tiffany Love Doll is an incredibly realistic-looking doll designed to satisfy every man’s desire!


We couldn’t compile this list without including lubes! A fun way to try different styles of lubes is to buy a trial multipack, like ID Sampler 12ml Tubes 5 Pack. Packs like these include lubes that are designed to increase sensitivity and types that are created to make every movement as smooth as silk.

Sex Toy Cleaner

After you have finished playing with your new toys, you will need to clean them properly so they are ready to use next time. The Clear 4OZ Trinity Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is a great example of a cleaner that will make sure your toys are squeaky clean!