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Why Some Men Find True Love with Sex Dolls

Why Some Men Find True Love with Sex Dolls

Why Some Men Find True Love with Sex Dolls

As technology develops and sex dolls continue to become even more realistic, the number of men who report that they have found more than sexual satisfaction with their silicone companions is on the rise.

Why Some Men Find True Love with Sex Dolls

In 2015, David Mills, a renowned atheist activist, told Vanity Fair that although he really likes women, he doesn’t like to be around people very much [1]. So, after learning of the existence of RealDoll sex dolls from an episode of Family Guy, Mills found that the physical differences between the dolls and real women were almost indiscernible. This means that, for Mills, an ultra-realistic sex doll, such as the GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll, is a far better option than being in what he describes as "an emotionally draining, costly, and anxiety-filled relationship." After all, he has absolutely no reason to worry that his sex doll will cheat on him or, in fact, do anything that he doesn’t want her to do.

GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll

An Experience Limited Only By The Imagination

An Experience Limited Only By The Imagination

The clinical director of Kanaris Psychological Services’ Diagnostic Program, Dr. Peter Kanaris, notes that the sexual experience with a doll is markedly different from one that occurs with another person. Because there is no human interpersonal connection happening, there is a unique opportunity to project feelings onto an inanimate object.

Essentially, this means that the sexual and/or emotional experience with a sex doll will only ever be limited by the person’s own imagination. There is a particular case to be made here for some the benefits of sex dolls, as they can allow people with particular sexual preferences to realize those preferences in a safe way that won’t harm another person.

But that isn’t the only reason this particular adult trend may not be as worrying as it initially appears.

There Are Some Circumstances Where Sex Dolls Can Be Beneficial

Dr. Kanaris notes that sex dolls can be beneficial in a surprising number of different circumstances. People who don’t have a life partner or who have lost their partners through a relationship breakup, divorce, or death could find opportunities for sexual expression with sex dolls. Sex dolls may also reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which may have significant benefits for a person’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

In Silicone Soul, a documentary directed by Melody Gilbert, a person known only as Ben explains how he lives with his wife and two sex dolls, Tasha and Marina. The dolls came into Ben’s life when his wife started undergoing treatment for cancer and could no longer be physically intimate with him. He describes himself as a highly sexual person and the couple decided that sex dolls were the ideal solution. This situation means that Ben’s wife doesn’t need to worry about him being faithful or safe, and Ben recalls times when one of his dolls helped him to cope emotionally with his wife’s illness.

‘Organic Women’ or Sex Dolls?

While for some, circumstances, social isolation, anxiety, feelings of self-consciousness, and a lack of experience can make the idea of a sex doll particularly appealing, for others, the connection with their sex doll goes much deeper than that.

In 2014, Orient Industry, a manufacturer of sex dolls, said that it believed every man who purchased one of its dolls wouldn’t ever want a "proper" girlfriend in the future. This seems like a bold claim to make, but evidence to support it is clear. Davecat is also featured in the Silicone Soul documentary and he describes being with an "organic woman" as "almost shooting [him]self in the foot." He considers himself to be a pioneer in this particular kind of relationship, noting that just as some men prefer brunettes over blondes, he prefers an inanimate object over an "organic woman."

The Future of Sex Doll/Human Relationships

As technology continues to advance, there are many artificial intelligence (AI) experts that are predicting that marriages between people and robots will occur within the next four decades. And as we are getting closer to an age of robots being able to express an illusion of human emotion, it isn’t too much of a stretch to envisage this becoming a reality.

As Melody Gilbert notes in her documentary, the waiting list for sex dolls from one California-based company is getting longer by the day and a manufacturer in Japan is churning dolls out at an ever-increasing rate. Let’s not ignore the fact that there are doll brothels in Japan and Paris, so the numbers of people seeking out this type of sexual and/or emotional experience is unlikely to decrease anytime soon.